The What and Why of Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are links with a unique tracking code attached. If we share an affiliate link to a product or company and you click it, that company knows we referred to you them, and we get a percentage of the sale. Percentages can vary per company, but can be 4-25% of the referred revenue.

Buying a product through an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any more money, but it may add cookies to your browser. These cookies will remember that you clicked on an affiliate link of ours, and generally credit the referral to us if you purchase within 30 days.

We want to provide the most thoughtful and high quality gift guides online, and affiliate links help us do that. Our goal is to curate unique and interesting gifts for you to give to the people in your life. Purchases made through our affiliation with Amazon or any of our other partners helps us find and source gifts from everywhere. Affiliate revenue helps us manage the site and manage our own finances, so that we can dedicate even more to Sage and to you!

If you’d prefer not to purchase through affiliate links, simply open our product links in an incognito window.

AMAZON Prime Picks

We love to recommend Amazon because we love to shop there, and there is no better place to get a last minute gift. Quick delivery is one of the greatest joys of modern society, and we want you to reap the benefits. 

We try to balance our guides—and our lives—with indie gifts alongside those from Amazon. Helping you to find the best gift will always be our first priority.

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the strictest. On most products, we will earn 4% commission — and only if you purchase within 24 hours. If you add it to your cart, then we will get a commission if you purchase in 30 days.


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