Gifts for your first Valentine's Day with your new boo

Gifts for your first Valentine's Day with your new boo

Your relationship is young; maybe you’re in love, maybe you’re on the way there, maybe you’re just not sure yet. Valentines day adds a whole new crinkle, you want to get the perfect gift, one that says something, but doesn’t say too much.


Our advice, don’t overthink it. It’s your first Valentines together, you can totally bust out some cliches!


Show Tickets - $25+

Check your local events for a great band, podcast taping, comedy show. Tickets don't have to be expensive, but they'll be a nice gesture and a guaranteed date.

Nice + affordable jewelry - $49+


Mejuri is known for simple, elegant jewelry without the traditional markup. Engravable bracelets and dainty necklaces are sure to wow your new boo this Valentine's. Just stay away from rings ;)


A cute photo of you two - $8+

Artifact Uprising

This is a Valentine's Day classic for a reason! Print your favorite 'gram of the two of you, put it in a frame, or go all out and make a book of all your favorite photos.

Sephora for him- $40+


Men's skin and body care is full of luxurious and necessary products he may not even know about. Try a beard grooming kit, the most incredible serum in the world (GG-tested!), or a toner that pays a compliment.


Flowers & Dinner - $50+

The old standby--it's hard to get this wrong on the first go around. Pick up a nice bouquet, make reservations at a place you don't normally go to, eat & drink a little too much, and enjoy.

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