5 more gifts that will work for anyone


There is probably someone on your list this Christmas who you know little to nothing about—so wtf are you supposed to get them? You’re a girl who values quality materials, and wants to make sure you’re only giving gifts of quality as well. Here are five MORE non-threatening, non-offensive gifts you can give to men, women, coworkers, cousins, party hosts—seriously anyone (now with some vegan-friendly options)!


Macarons - $39

Lolli & Pops

Gifting treats is the best. It’s a little slice of ‘you probably wouldn’t buy this for yourself, so I’ll buy it for you’. Macarons are our new favorite go-to, they’re delicious, unexpected, and very delicious. Make a plan to grab a few boxes in advance to have on hand just-in-case or for hostess gifts.

Coffee Joulies - $57


I will absolutely be singing the praises of Coffee Joulies for the rest of my days. If there’s a coffee or tea drinker on your list, these will be a delight! One silver bean dropped in a steaming hot cup will lower the temperature just enough to drink, AND keep your beverage warmer for longer. How? SCIENCE! Bonus, they look fabulous next to the coffee maker.

Geometric Coasters - $35


Nothing says ‘you’re a grown-up’ like coasters. But these say ‘I’m not like a regular grown-up, I’m a cool grown-up’. These are beautiful enough you could give them to your bestie and practical enough your most basic coworker would be pleased as well.

Wine Bottle Chiller - $90


Picture your recipient, in desperate need of a cold glass of rose, far away from electricity. They need a Wine Bottle chiller—from then on all glasses of rose will be raised to you!

Bow Hill Gift Box - $39

Bowhill Blueberries

Everyone loves delicious things, right? Here’s some very delicious ways to consume blueberries, perfect for the chef or the mixologist or foodie.

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