Stocking Stuffers from Women-Owned Businesses


In our opinion, a complete stocking has something nice, something sweet, something funny, and it didn’t cost you too much. Here we offer you some options for each category, and every product on this list is from a woman-owned business.


Enamel Pin - $12

Emily McDowell

We love basically everything Emily McDowell has ever made, though these pins might be top of the list. Enamel pins are so hot right now, & this pin will be the perfect gem for anyone #adulting.

Green sandwich bags - $12


They care about the environment, & they make amazing lunches—they need a greener way to keep fresh food fresh. These little bags will be a great functional compliment in a stocking with nice & pretty things.

Anti-chafe stick - $8


Truly Megababe is life. Founded by one of our fave Instagram follows @the12ishstyle, this line of useful beauty products is a must-give to any woman on your list. They carry Thigh Rescue (pictured), Bust Dust (a cure for boob sweat) and Rosy Pits (a baking soda-free natural deodorant).

CBD Oil - $55+

Rosebud CBD

Who doesn’t know someone who can benefit from microdosing? CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states, & can help anyone from your dad to your dog with stress, anxiety, sleep & pain. A stocking stuffer is the perfect introduction to this potential cure-all.

Spicy Drinking Chocolate - $4

Acalli Chocolates

It’s a rule in our house that stockings are the perfect time for a sweet that takes you out of our comfort zone. We love this spicy drinking chocolate to bring a little new, & a lot of warmth during the cold winter days.

Peanut Butter Cups - $16

Wild Ophelia

Anyone can buy a Reese’s Candy Cane, but someone that cares gets a fancy peanut butter cup from a woman-owned chocolatier.

Serum - $32

Chloe + Chad

Named for the founder’s two children, this artisanal serum is created in small-batches, ensuring that the product you are rubbing all over your face is fresh. We also love that it’s unscented, so there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be!

Lace Waistband Tights - $20+


Lace. Waistband. Tights. If you have worn any uncomfortable tights, you are already breathing a sigh of relief. Women don’t let women wear uncomfortable tights—not after learning about these!

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