Gifts for Bigger Kids, at any price point

Gifts for Bigger Kids, at any price point

We know that kids’ Christmas gifts can get expensive. We’ve put together our favorite picks for each price point, so you can get the little ones in your life something special, no matter your budget. The gifts on this list are intended for bigger kids, between 9 and 14.


Pop Chart Superheroes Poster ($)

We've had Popchart posters in our Gift Guides before, because they're a great gift that we love! Their superhero posters are great for kids who are into that kind of stuff. If you've ever heard your niece or nephew mention an 'origin story' or 'comic-con' or 'the avengers', chances are this is a great gift for them. Does it get any more classic than posters on a tween’s wall?


Felt Board ($)

You known who has sassy things to put on a felt board: TEENAGERS. Felt Boards are an affordable gift, that the recipient isn't likely to already have. Gift Giving Win!

Felt Board - $25


Board Game ($$)

Everyone loves a good board game (if they say they don’t, they lyin!), and it’s the perfect time for your tween to graduate from Monopoly and Clue. Games like Ticket to Ride and Codenames require a little more strategy than the ‘kiddie’ games, and Apples to Apples has all the fun of the way too adult Cards Against Humanity with only a little bit of the inappropriateness.


Instant Camera ($$)

Everything old is new again. Including instant photos. This camera is the choice of kids (and adults, I have one) in the know. It's cute, durable, and most importantly, delivers fun photos. Pack it up with a couple extra film packs and gift it to your favorite teen, tween, or young adult.

Fujifilm Instax Camera - $58


Boxed Bookset ($$$)

Books are a treasure and THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE. I include a book with every holiday gift I give a child. But take it to the next level, and give a boxed set. These Puffin ones are extraordinary. Or go with a newer classic and gift the Harry Potter series.


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