Gifts I'd Give Nicole: What do you give the girl who wants everything…for you?

You know the friend who wants the very best for you, and will absolutely fight for you to get it? Like toe to toe she’s there for you and heaven help the fool who stands in the way. She’s not a yes ma’am because she’ll 100% call you on your bullshit when needed. She has this intuitive sense or vision of your true self, and she’s not about to let anyone, including you, get in the way of that. That’s Nicole.

At first we were work friends (she was my boss!), then work best friends, and now, well we’re Sage Sisters and best bitches. Nicole has taught me so much about what it means to truly be a woman and a friend. She will always give me the space to fail, and never think less of me for it. Take this post for example, it should have been published a month ago. But life was hard for awhile, and Nicole gave me grace. She always seems to have the words I need. When I grow up, I want to be Nicole. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to grow up to be like the best parts of Nicole (just maybe not the insomnia!): kind, lovely, and a badass who cares with her whole self and is always climbing and growing, someone who believes in possibilities and bagels.

Because I know you’ll read this: I adore you Nicole, truly. Thanks for always seeing the best in all of us and raising us up. Thank you for bringing the fire and the heart. Thank you for quoting old movies with me.

French Press - $50

Le Creuset

Nicole is a kitchen BOSS. She’s an amazing cook and just loves creating. A little bird (it was Nicole) told me she’s on a quest to introduce some more PINK into the kitchen decor. Guess who makes pink kitchen stuff: Le Creuset. This French Press (Nicole’s preferred way of making coffee) would look great on the counter, or on a desk!

Joules Rain Boots - $64

Nordstrom (similar)

I’m a big believer in wearing great shoes. Shoes should be part of your best self. Nicole lives in a rainy climate and I know she already has a pair of rain boots. BUT she doesn’t have a pair of flowery ones! (Metaphorical) Sunshine in Every Step!

Feminist Harry Potter Cross-stitch - $37


I mean, this is just so Nicole, it would look GREAT in her office right next to the Cher garland. Nicole is the perfect balance of pop-culture and pure FIRE. So Harry Potter meets Feminist agenda is right up her alley.


Amazon Prime Pick

Nicole, I’m giving you the gift of calm. JUST KIDDING. But maybe these bath salts will bring some moments of calm. I love that the bottle is so gorgeous, I’d totally refill it and set it on the shelf.

Barefoot Dreams Robe - $99


I don’t think I have to tell any of you the importance of self-care. My favorite type of self care (even above baths!) is being cozy. You just can’t feel bad when you feel cozy.

I really wish that for Nicole. She carries a lot on her shoulders and cares so deeply for the people around her, I want her to have some excellent cozy moments this year. Moments to indulge in having to do nothing more than snuggle into a gorgeous robe and just take a deep breath.

Velvet Twist Headband- $14


If Nicole had been born a few decades earlier she would have absolutely been a hollywood ingenue or classy vaudeville star.

In the modern era she seems content to use her pipes for Karaoke. But that doesn’t mean she can’t look like a star! I think she’d look great in this velvet headband, and she might just break out into showtunes too. Bonus.

“They cannot burn us” Tote - $20

Emily McDowell

Two things:
1. Nicole is my fire sister. When I’m world weary, she’s there to lift me up. She’s also one of the most conscious consumers I know and she would love a gift that gives back.
2. We have big love for Emily McDowell.

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