6 more gifts that will work for anyone (especially creative types!)


There is probably someone on your list this Christmas who you know little to nothing about—so wtf are you supposed to get them? You’re a girl who values quality materials, and wants to make sure you’re only giving gifts of quality as well. Here are six MORE non-threatening, non-offensive gifts you can give to men, women, coworkers, cousins, party hosts—seriously anyone (especially anyone who loves a craft)!


Cardboard Deer Head - $15

Cardboard Safari

Mountain cabin aesthetic with animal-friendly charm. I’ve loved these Cardboard Safari heads for years, & with so many animal choices (like a unicorn or a T-Rex!) it would be hard to make a misstep with one of these.


Amazon Prime Pick:


Pop Art Puzzle - $60


A beautiful, complicated puzzle can make a certain percentage of the population really geek out. This one certainly fits the bill, & isn’t it so nice to give an adult something to play with every now & then?




Bracelet Making Kit - $45

The Bijou Factory

Give her something she can make herself with this bracelet making kit. All of Bijou Factory’s kits require no pliers, so it’s perfect for the beginner or the experienced DIY-er. This kit makes a spine bracelet, which we love, but there’s also this awesome morse code kit.




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