Gifts to help your feminist smash the patriarchy

Gifts to help your feminist smash the patriarchy

It can be difficult to celebrate a romantic holiday with your girl when flowers and chocolates are a symbol of the patriarchy. Never fear--there is still a way to your girl's heart, it's just through intersectional feminism and support for a free and equal society. Shop below to help her stay woke! 


Self Defense Cat Keychain - $10

Wild Fang

Pussy power.

Boobs Towel - $85

Gravel & Gold

Everyone on the beach will know ya girl is breast inclusive.

Donation - $25+

Run for Something

RUN FOR SOMETHING is an organization dedicated to building a progressive bench. They do this by encouraging & inspiring young men & women to run in local elections.

Dissent Collar Pin - $15

Dissent Pins

She's fed up with the government, and she needs to show it like the Notorious RBG.

Feminist apparel with a purpose - $14+

The Outrage

Last year we recommended a brand called My Sister— apparel that makes a statement & fights sex trafficking. They were bought by The Outrage, a mission-aligned feminist apparel company.

Donation - $25+

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is an ambitious project, hoping to clean up the literal Garbage Island in the Pacific Ocean. It’s an amazing cause and sure to interest anyone passionate about the environment!

Support independent journalism - $5+

NPR, The Guardian, ProPublica

Contribute to the news organizations committed to holding our leaders and governments accountable. She can only #staywoke when she has the information!

Pretty much anything Emily McDowell - $4+

From cards to mugs to pins, Emily McDowell has the best gifts for feminist women!

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