Wedding Season: Groomsmen Gifts


This isn't another thing about you, it's a way to say 'Thank You for being a part of my wedding'. This gift should be useable after the wedding (and maybe not a part of the wedding at all), and it should be reflective of the cost your groomsmen have put into your wedding.


Baron Fig Starter Set - $119

Baron Fig

Dubbed 'Tools for Thinkers,' this set includes a notebook, cover and pen and is the perfect thoughtful gift for the men that stood beside you.

Food Gift Basket - $66


Everybody needs to eat, right? And what's better than bougie, indie foods put together in an amazing basket? This basket is called "The Groomsman" so we think it might be perfect for your dudes.

Duffel Bag - $60+

Everyone needs a great bag. Ladies are pretty good about buying them for themselves, but dudes, not always the case.

Choose a bag that suits the groomsman's style. Is he an outdoor enthusiast? Does he appreciate classic styles that never get old? Maybe he'd appreciate something super simple. Think about the recipient and then pick a bag to match.

Scotch - $85+

Spirited Gifts

It's a classic for a reason! The gift of booze never goes out of style.

When buying a boozy gift, always keep in mind what your friend likes--get them a drink they'll love, but one they might not splurge on for themselves!

This bottle of Glenlivet is also engravable, which could be pretty badass.

Wooden Watch - $89


1. Everyone needs a nice watch and 2. Treehut makes these awesome wooden ones. Even your watch-hating groomsmen will want to wear this watch.