Gifts made for women, by women


Put something under the tree that means something. All the products on this list come from women-owned businesses & are the perfect gift for the important ladies on your list..


Makeup Towels - $40

Weezie Towels

Never underestimate the power of a 'basic' done right. Weezie towels are basic-ally the best; the founders did years of research to produce ultra-fluffy, absorbent and really posh towels! We love the black makeup towels or the Bath Sheet.

Clear Calendar Mini - $35

Clear Calendars

I have a love-hate relationship with calendars. I desperately need one, but the options seem to be Cat or Mom-themed and that’s not my aesthetic. Enter the Clear Calendar Mini, modern AND efficient! My favorite calendar loving people can expect to find one under the tree this year.

Flowy Dress - $198

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn dresses are so perfectly flowy without ever being frumpy. That’s why they’ve earned our everlasting love & the honor of ‘would gift this to sister or best friend’. We love the boho vibe & just wish we were on that beach in that dress instead of sitting on our couches.

Statement Ring - $55

Carrie Elizabeth

For beautiful jewelry that doesn't look like what everyone else has, we love Carrie Elizabeth. Based in the UK Carrie's designs are elegant but also modern, which is really all we ever want.

Pamela Barsky Pouch - $17

Pamela Barsky

Pamela Barsky’s bags are witty, sassy, & extremely high quality & the size is perfect to drop in your purse or carry-on to corral any must-haves. If red lipstick isn’t your thing (but why?) there’s plenty of other options. Grab gifts for all the ladies on your list.

Custom Notebook - $65

Golden Coil

If you spend any time writing, you have opinions about notebooks & planners. Some of us like lined paper, some like dot grids. Some of us prefer monthly views, some really need daily. Some of us meal plan & some of us have popcorn for dinner. Whatever you do, you can customize a notebook or planner just for you, or your bff.