Gifts for the people you don't know very well


There is probably someone on your list this Christmas who you know little to nothing about—so wtf are you supposed to get them? You’re a girl who values quality materials, and wants to make sure you’re only giving gifts of quality as well. Here are five non-threatening, non-offensive gifts you can give to men, women, coworkers, cousins, party hosts—seriously anyone (except maybe vegans)!


Winter Gloves - $69

LL Bean

One thing you probably know about them: they have hands. Help them stay cozy with these cute and functional unisex mittens.

Karst Notebook - $30


Hi, this notebook has paper made out of stone. Yeah, I don’t know how either, but it is a pretty cool thing to give just about anyone. One could even say “this notebook rocks” (I’m so sorry).

Wooden Wick Candle - $48

Dayna Decker

Wooden Wick Candles are so hot right now (pun def intended). Men and women alike can appreciate the crackly goodness of a wooden wick. This is our top gift of 2018—see our full guide to wood wick candles.

Alpaca Scarf - $75


You could be “The Girl Who Gave the Amazing Scarf” this Christmas. 100% Alpaca Wool, to prove you value quality, even when gifting to acquaintances.

Indoor/Outdoor Slippers - $95


Like our first suggestion, whether they have feet or not is probably something you know. If they do, then there’s no doubt they need a versatile slipper with a removable bottom for indoor/outdoor use.