This Little Trailblazer: A girl power primer

I’ll be straight with you. This cover of this book has Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks high fiving. There was no way I wasn’t buying it.

The book features 10 ‘trailblazers’ and has a rhyme about their accomplishment on one page and a sentence about it on the other. This Little Trailblazer gets mad point for diversity, over half of the 10 trailblazers are women of color. It includes women from the arts and sciences, as well as athletes and even a couple children/young women. The last two pages have 12 other women with a short line about their accomplishments and one empty frame for ‘You!’.

image Credit: Amazon

image Credit: Amazon

The only word of caution I’d give on this book is that it is a bit simplistic, but it’s specifically designed for kids who might still chew on their books. Maybe we don’t need a treatise, a rhyme will suffice.

RATING: Great for a baby shower or first birthday! Gift it!