Allbirds - The natural material shoes we can't stop buying

PERFECT FOR:  The family member who doesn't compromise on comfort, style or carbon footprint.

In my household there are 7 pairs of Allbirds.


Allbirds are a shoe company that started with a simple idea: wool running shoes. 

Running shoes made out of wool are so comfortable you don't need to wear socks. I presume people wear them to run, however I find them to be the perfect Sunday Shoe, the essential piece of your travel uniform, or a stylish bow on the perfect IDGAF outfit. 

They care about sustainability

Allbirds has expanded into wool loungers, as well as shoes made out of tree fibers and flip flops made out of sugar cane. 

Their wool is ethically sourced from New Zealand, and their manufacuturing process uses 60% less energy than typical shoes made from synthetic material. 

Their Tree series is made from renewable tree fiber and uses 95% less water than cotton to grow.

Their newest shoe, the Sugar line, is a flip flop made from sugar cane. Did you know that sugar cane removes carbon from the air, and the remnants of the harvesting process can be used to power the mill

They're easy care

Allbirds can go in the washing machine. YES. And, you can easily replace your insoles if they get nasty. 

They keep it simple

3 materials, 4 styles of shoe. No distracting product extensions like wool hats or tree scarves. Just great shoes! 

They also only sell a few colors at a time, and they only sell limited runs of some colors or styles. This means you may need to buy 40 pairs for yourself, but it also means you can get your friend a pair and not worry about being matchers. 

And, they have a kids line called Smallbirds



Run, lounge, and skip in your new Allbirds  â†’

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