Birdies - Is it a slipper or a shoe? Either way, gorgeous.

PERFECT FOR: The gal who wants to be both comfortable AND have Elizabeth Taylor vibes.

Velvet gorgeousness on the outside, cushiony silk pillow on the inside.


Birdies are the perfect combination of slipper and shoe. They have a soft interior made of silky fabric or faux fur and a hard sole so you can wear them outside or dancing in your kitchen without slipping too.

They’re Glamorous

My favorite part? THE STYLES. You know in old black and white movies when the female lead would be lounging around her glorious home, she would dress for the occasion in voluminous satins and chiffon, and her ‘slippers’ would match. That’s what Birdies remind me of. They’re a classic in the best possible way.

We love them

Nicole and I both have Birdies. In fact we ordered them at the same time, we were laying around an AirBnB in San Francisco and ordered from our phones—basically the new going to the mall.

Nicole’s already claimed Allbirds as her Sunday Shoe (TM), well these are mine. I wear mine around the house, but if I need to run to the post office or the grocery store, I don’t have to change! Nicole wears hers out on the town, which makes a basic Seattle Casual Lewk a little more glam . Some people (read: princesses) even wear theirs in the forest.


Women Owned

We love the look. We love the comfort. We love that Birdies is a company founded and run by women.

Gift them to yourself or your fave stylish gal.

Slip into your Birdies →

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