Lipslut - The matte, liquid lipstick taking a stand against the president

PERFECT FOR:  that friend who can speak truth to power without smudging her perfect lip. 

I purchased 3 of this lipstick within 5 minutes of finding it on Instagram.

The name alone, "Lipslut," was extremely promising. The message? Irresistible. And I don't even wear lipstick! 

I sent a link to Renee, told her I was buying 3, and she immediately bought 2 herself. This purchase is an easy HELL YES.

They give back

We love a product with a cause, and this lipstick packs a 1-2 punch: speak out against the actions of President Trump, and a donation to an organization targeted by the administration. The organization changes often, and it is chosen by customers--they vote for the organization when they purchase. 

Last August, they gave 100% of proceeds to victims in Charlottesville following the attack by white supremacists against counter-protesters. 

We purchased during an event to support families at the border--100% of proceeds will go to organizations helping to reunite families after the Trump Administration cruelly split them up.

They do one thing, well

Lipslut sells 3 lipsticks and a hat. That's it. I love a company with few SKUs--it means they're focused. A great brand can quickly be diluted by too many product extensions and add ons. Lipslut's dedication to lipsticks means it can hone in on the things that actually matter: like quality, packaging, community. 

F*ck Trump is a matte, nude pink. Based on their instagram, it is extremely versatile and pretty universal across many skin tones and lewks. 

F*ck Hollywood is their response to the seemingly deluge of stories of abuse and sexual assault in Hollywood. It's a bold red matte lipstick that again, is seemingly flattering on a whole host of skin tones. 


Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs. is a limited run berry purple, based on a bizarre email they received from a troll. 

Lipslut Hat is a cute lil' denim number with their logo. Pair with a lipstick to truly make a statement!


Katie Sones started Lipslut out of her dorm room. Follow them on Instagram, and you can see this brand stands for equality for all. 


Run, don't walk to Lipslut →

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