quip - the bougiest electric toothbrush

PERFECT FOR:  the modern minimalist who loves a gift they can actually use.

Give the gift of never having to think about oral care. 

Look, it's a toothbrush, so as a gift it might be a weird sell. 

But I know we all have those practicalistas in our lives, that hate a gift that goes to waste. They want something they can use every day, the gift of one thing taken off their plate. 

That's quip. It's an electric toothbrush with a lewk. Here's why we love it.

It's pretty 

Have you ever thought about the aesthetics of your toothbrush before? 

That's what initially drew me to this toothbrushes--they were all over Instagram and they just looked pretty! Replacing those little plastic sticks with these brushed metal bad boys has me one step closer to my dream bathroom. 

It's got features

You're not just buying a toothbrush, you're getting a replacement head, battery and toothpaste every 3 months. Take toothbrushes and toothpaste off your grocery list FOREVER. 

It also has a built in timer. It gently alerts you ever 30 seconds so you can switch to another area, and then it ends after 2 minutes so you know you're getting a good healthy brush. 

It's gentle and effective

My previous experiences with electric toothbrushes have been harsh. They've been these big bulky things you could defend the galaxy with, in addition to defeating gingivitis. They've been high powered on my sensitive gums, and recently dentists have agreed that brushing too hard is bad for you too!

quip is a subtle power, it's super quiet and it never hurts. But it's not some softie! You'll feel a deep clean after using. 



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