In the next few months, we'll be going to so many weddings we should get a punch card (attend 10 and the next one is gift-free!). As a frequent guest and a rockstar gift giver, it can be challenging to get something that is thoughtful, meaningful, personal AND affordable, and repeat that for each happy couple.

What if you don't want to buy off a registry, or what if there isn't one? Should you really get an engagement gift, knowing you'll need to get a shower, bachelorette and wedding gift as well? 

And what if you're planning your wedding? There are so many gift-giving opportunties as the bride and groom too--how do you thank your party, your family and your guests, on top of providing them with booze and food and a kickass party? 

This wedding season, let us be your wedding secret weapon. We'll be adding new wedding gift guides over the next few months, and answering your most pressing wedding gift etiquette questions. Get shopping below! 


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